Learning to Play by Way of Worship Guitar

This article was last updated Wednesday, December 07, 2011

When I first started playing guitar all I wanted was to have an electric guitar and play metal. Well, I eventually did get an electric guitar, but that wasn't until later. On my thirteenth birthday my dad bought me a guitar. Stoked, right? That's exactly what I wanted at the time, except he bought me an acoustic guitar.

"What?! What is this?" I thought to myself. "How am I supposed to play metal with this thing?" I wasn't ungrateful. I mean, shoot; we didn't have very much money growing up, so I was happy just to have a present at all. But, at the time, I was a bit disappointed. In hindsight, I see how that acoustic guitar was exactly what I needed at the time, just not exactly what I wanted. I've found that same principle to be true in many areas of my life.

Anyway, the pastor's wife, of the church I was going to at the time, approached me about playing worship guitar for the youth group, of which she had been leading. I was excited for the opportunity to play in front of people, so I began learning a bunch of the basic worship songs that I had heard in "big church," and here is what I found: Learning to play by way of worship guitar is a great way to start!

This is true for several reasons. First, many worship songs can be played with just a few basic chords. Second, the songs-melodies and lyrics-are generally ones that you have a fairly good knowledge of because you've heard them over and over at church. Third, learning to play by way of worship guitar is a great way to praise God as you learn. Forth, is that you may well have a built-in audience at your youth group or church. And for me, it became my profession. So, it could also translate into a job, which isn't so bad. There are certainly worse jobs than playing worship guitar and leading people into a time of praising God.

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