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How to survive when the dollar collapses

by Daniel Barker (NaturalNews) The current administration would like for you to believe that the economy is on the mend and that we can look forward to growth in 2015. But most economists and basically anyone with a grain of sense will tell you otherwise. The drop in oil prices may seem like a good […]

In his own words: Barack Obama on Christianity and Islam

By Thomas Lifson A website called Now The End Begins has compiled 40 comments by Barack Obama on Christianity and Islam. Collectively, they create quite an interesting picture.  I admit that there may be instances of the president speaking as favorably of Christianity as he does of Islam, but I am not aware of them. […]

Obama’s Dance With Radical Islam

Posted By Daniel Mandel On FrontPage Magazine Last month, President Barack Obama chose to support and fund a Palestinian Authority (PA) government that includes Hamas, a U.S. and EU-designated terrorist group that calls in its charter for the destruction of Israel (Article 15) and the murder of Jews (Article 7). Also last month, Obama freed […]

The Hot Air Presidency

Posted By Ronn Torossian On FrontPage Magazine While the Clint Eastwood shtick at the Republican National Convention wasn’t very popular, in retrospect it is perfectly apparent that the legendary actor hit the nail right on the head.  President Obama is a disastrous President, an empty chair, who is harming American interests immensely. As Obama’s second […]

Obama’s Years of Collaboration with Terror Supporters

Posted By Arnold Ahlert On FrontPage Magazine As the Obama administration seeks to move beyond a welter of scandals, a new report by investigative journalist Patrick Poole reveals that the frenzy isn’t quite over yet. On top of the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, the DOJ’s seizure of reporters’ phone records and the coverup surrounding the […]

The Marxist Roots of Obama’s War on the Middle Class

Posted By Mark Hendrickson On FrontPage Magazine How many times have you heard President Obama express concern for the middle class? More than you can count, I’m sure. If you are in the middle class, Obama’s frequent mentions of you should make you very worried. A key part of Obama’s modus operandi is his habitual use […]

The Obama Administration’s Disgraceful Support for the Muslim Brotherhood

Posted By Joseph Klein On FrontPage Magazine Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government, which has the support of the Obama administration, has just issued arrest warrants for five activists on false charges that they allegedly used social media to incite violence against the Muslim Brotherhood.  These activists include a blogger who played a […]


By Steven Buckardt The Communist Party USA endorsed Barack Obama’s re-election bid very early in the campaign. Sam Webb, Communist Party USA chairman argued that to separate from the Democrats now “would be contrary to our strategic policy of building maximum unity against right-wing extremism now and in next year’s elections.” In 2012, a writer […]


By Steven Buckardt The Communist movement began with the House of Rothschilds paying Jesuit Priest Adam Weishaupt to found the Order of the Illuminati in Bavaria, Germany, on May 1, 1776. It merged with hand selected 33rd degree Masons in 1782. Communism was created by these secret societies to establish a World Government or New […]

Barack Obama, the Socialist

Posted By John Perazzo in FrontPage Magazine Is Barack Obama a socialist? Many observers, from points all along the ideological spectrum, have been exceedingly reticent to describe him as such, as though there were insufficient evidence to make the case for a charge so impolite. In February, for instance, a Business Week headline stated bluntly […]

Communist Party USA Says Re-electing Obama is “Absolutely Essential”

USA SURVIVAL NEWS By Cliff Kincaid A writer for the Communist Party USA says that “re-electing Obama is absolutely essential,” and warns that “divisions among Democrats and a potential wave of bad economic news can combine to threaten President Obama’s reelection.” Marxist John Case, who writes for various CPUSA publications, has written a piece, “The […]