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‘If there is no God, everything is permitted’

Bill Federer collects wisdom of those who predicted suppression of religion Posted By Bill Federer On WND The director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, died May 2, 1972. For 48 years, under eight presidents, J. Edgar Hoover oversaw the Federal Bureau of Investigation, becoming famous for his dramatic campaigns to stop gangsters and organized […]

The dark, untold story of transgenderism

10 years after? Mental difficulties, and then it gets worse Posted By Gina Loudon On WND Unfortunately, the tragedy of sexual-reassignment surgery has a sordid history. The heinous idea began with well-known sexual-perversion advocate Alfred Kinsey. Contending that people are “sexual from birth,” he used experiments on babies during World War II. His legacy stands […]


Paul Harvey

In 1964, Paul Harvey wrote “If I Were the Devil.” The following is the text from an audio version of Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil.” IF I WERE THE DEVIL “If I were the devil, I wouldn’t be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree – Thee. So, I’d […]