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Gun-Control Dishonesty

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE The push to “do something, anything,” has nothing to do with preventing deaths. By Charles C. W. Cooke Earlier in the year, as the gun-control movement tried clumsily to transform an abomination into a cudgel, the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker distilled its problem into a single sentence. “Nothing proposed in the gun-control […]

Kitty Werthmann – Austrian Lived Under Hitler – Speaks of Socialism and Gestapo

Kitty Werthmann is 85 years old. She is a naturalized U.S. citizen. She stands tall, walks like a much younger woman, and has no trouble explaining that Hitler was elected by 98% of Austrians because he delivered a good speech. The Left hates her.  The loose transcript and video below is from a June 2011 […]

Gun Control History

By Steven Buckardt The Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership posted an interesting Genocide Chart illustrating the link between gun control and genocide. In 1925, Ottoman Turkey established gun control.  With citizens disarmed, the Turks killed 1.5 million, primarily targeting Armenian Christians. In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, […]