Keeping the Meaning of Thanksgiving Alive

By Wendy Griffith
CBN News Anchor / Reporter

Millions of Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving today, a holiday tradition that dates back hundreds of years. But some say there’s an attempt to remove the religious significance from this great American holiday.

President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving official in 1863. He proclaimed the last Thursday in November to be “a national day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent father who dwelleth in the heavens.” Continue reading

Religion Expert Exposes Real Danger of Halloween

By Deborah Hamilton

With Halloween just days away, children—and some parents, too—are eagerly anticipating donning costumes and asking for a ‘treat’ from neighbors as the price for not having a ‘trick’ played on them. Meanwhile, decorations designed to terrify—from skulls and witches to life-sized graveyards and giant insects—have turned homes across America into virtual haunted houses.

It’s all just harmless fun. Or, is it? Continue reading

Halloween History and the Bible

by Bodie Hodge

When did this holiday begin and why? How should Christians view this day in general? To understand these questions further, we need to go back to the roots of Halloween.

In the United States (and other countries), Halloween has become one of the most popular unofficial holidays. On the up side, retail sales boost the economy around this holiday.1

On the down side, the holiday has become a time of increased crime in many places (especially arson and other acts of violence) on Halloween night as well as the night before. Even the author’s house was robbed one Halloween by forced entry. So, although the retail industry loves Halloween, many police officers and insurance companies dread it! Of course, there is also a tremendous amount of occult activity associated with this holiday. Continue reading


The information I am about to share can easily be found in any library, on the internet or in historical books and dictionaries. The facts are undeniable, but that does not seem to affect today’s lukewarm, modern-day believer.

The following quote comes directly from my book, “The Church Has Divorced Itself From Its Roots”, which I urge you to order: “When Rome conquered the world, the various forms of the Babylonian religion were absorbed into the Roman Empire, becoming what is known as PAGAN ROME. Emperor Constantine was successful in uniting Christianity at Rome with the pagan Babylonian religion (Baal worship). In 325 A.D. he set up the ‘Council of Nicaea’ and presided as the ‘Summus Ponitifex’ (the official title of a pope).” Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

By Rev. Dr. Jonathan Hansen, Founder & President of World Ministries International

Should Christians Participate in VALENTINES DAY?

In today’s lukewarm church this article will be meaningless because nothing is sacred and compromise is the norm. Believers of yesteryear refused to participate in Valentine’s Day, recognizing its pagan roots and its lustful spirit.

Valentine’s Day customs were handed down from the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, where the names of women were put into a box and drawn out by men for the purpose of linking them together for sexual purposes. In Egyptian mythology, Lupercalia celebrated the god Pan. To the Romans, he was known as Lupercus and to the Semites, he was known as Baal. Continue reading