The previous article entitled “Trick or Treat, Jack o’ Lanterns and Costumes”, explored the Druids practice of adorning white robes, traveling throughout the countryside, and collecting victims in celebration of the Festival of Samhain, Lord of the Dead. Samhain wasn’t known as the Lord of the Dead just for the fun of it.

One part left out of the previous article related to the origin of the game played nowadays called “Bobbing for Apples.” Before they left on their travels, the Druids would light a fire under a huge cauldron, which was filled with an apple cider-like substance. Once this was done, they would leave for their nighttime trip.

After being away a few hours, the Druids would return back to their sacred, stone circles having many victims from the “trick or treat” requests made at various households. Each victim was bound and gagged. It was at this point that the Druids figured it was time for the entertainment. A number of the victims would be brought before a huge, metal cauldron, and form a single line.

The Druids would then take an apple and throw it into the cauldron, bring their first prisoner forward and tell him that if he could grab the apple in-between his teeth on the first try, he would be set free and could return home. Sounds simple, correct? But remember, before the Druids left to gather victims for human sacrifice, they lit a fire underneath that cauldron. At this point in the night, the liquid inside that cauldron was boiling furiously.

Once it was boiling, that liquid reached a temperature of over 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the boiling point. Now would you stick your head in that cauldron? Most, if not all of you, would immediately say “No”, but you forget one very important fact. Each of those prisoners was destined to end up as human sacrifices. This was their one and only chance of avoiding such a fate. However, this game of the Druids had a string attached to it. If the person failed to retrieve the apple on the first try, he was immediately beheaded on the spot. In essence, if you weren’t chosen to play this game, you were murdered as a human sacrifice. If you lost at this game, which we now call Bobbing for Apples,” you were murdered on the spot.

Now, what about those people who succeeded in grabbing the apple in-between their teeth and were set free? Did they leave to go back home and live a normal life? Hardly! Because those poor victims had plunged their head into that liquid over 180 degrees, the following medical conditions could occur:

1)      Most victims would be permanently scarred on the face and neck because the boiling liquid would literally melt the flesh off their heads.

2)      Some of those poor individuals would become partially, or totally blind because the boiling liquid seeped into their eyes as their faces were emerged within that liquid.

3)      Many would become partially or totally deaf as their ear canals and eardrums were destroyed.

4)      Partial or complete loss of the sinus canals would occur.

5)      Victims would also, many times, become speech impaired, as boiling liquid would swiftly pass through their throats, and many would also end up with permanent respiratory problems.

6)      What also happened is that victims would permanently lose their eyebrows, and many would also lose the hair on top of their head.

These are just some of the horrific things that would happen to the victims who were the “winners”. This was supposed to be an entertaining game for the fun and amusement of the Druids.

“Trick o’ Treat, Bobbing for Apples, Jack o’ Lanterns, Bonfires, Costumes with demonic masks, Human Sacrifice,” and so much more contributed to the most sacred of all days on the Celtic calendar, known as Samhain, or what is now celebrated as Halloween.

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