Every day we battle natural forces that cause our bodies and skin to age. g3 features a unique blend of highly bioavailable carotenoids – lipocarotenes, which help prevent future signs of skin aging. This anti-aging beverage also contains a significant amount of vitamin C, which helps prevent elastin and collagen breakdown.

g3 – The Perfect Beauty Beverage

g3 is a nutrient-rich juice from the prized gac “superfruit” of southern Asia, whose nutritional benefits have been scientifically demonstrated to protect cells. Among gac’s potent phytonutrients are a unique and highly-bioavailable form of carotenoids called lipocarotenes that provide powerful antioxidant protection while supporting healthy immune function. The g3 formula was developed with 3 additional superfruits—Chinese lycium, Siberian pineapple, and cili fruit— that synergistically provide exponential benefits. g3 has a refreshing flavor that is deliciously sweet, slightly tart and can be enjoyed daily by everyone in the family.



Chinese Lycium Fruit from Southern China

Chinese lycium is a small red berry, which has been traditionally used for vision, tension, dizziness, kidney, and liver function. Today, scientists have discovered benefits from its high amounts of antioxidants, polysaccharides, vitamins, and amino acids.

Siberian Pineapple Fruit from Asia

Siberian pineapple is a small orange or yellow berry native to Europe, Russia, and China. In the Chinese Pharmacopoeia it is recognized for promoting upper-respiratory tract health, encouraging digestion, removing food stagnancy, and promoting blood flow. Russian cosmonauts ate the fruit and used the oil in a cream, believing it would help protect them from solar radiation. Modern research shows this small, but potent fruit is a concentrated natural source of carotenoids, tocopherols, vitamin C, and flavonoids. Animal studies show it also supports immune function.

Cili Fruit from the mountains of China

Cili fruit, also called the “King of Vitamin C,” is an orangish-yellow wild fruit that contains 60 times more vitamin C than an orange. Shown to improve antioxidant capacity, preliminary evidence suggests it may have cardiovascular, immune, and mental function benefits as well.

Are You Ready to Look and Feel Younger
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  • Lipocartenes in g3 make antioxidants easier to absorb
  • Helps rejuvenate cellular function, promotes a healthy immune system, and supports eye, vascular, and prostate health
  • Supplies a wealth of antioxidants that help protect your DNA and may help slow the common effects of aging.
  • Helps support cellular rejuvenation
  • Catalytically–active–increase body’s production of SOD and Catalase
  • Slows the common effects of aging through DNA protection
  • SCS Certified™—improves Skin Carotenoid Score with the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner
  • Fortifies antioxidant defenses against vascular and cellular free radical damage
  • Supports healthy immune function


The BioPhotonic scanner is a revolutionary tool to measure the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin non-invasively. Obtain an immediate reading of the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin-your Skin Carotenoid Score.

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