Steven Buckardt was born in Minneapolis, MN. A seed was sown as a teenager in regards to bible prophecy when listening to a song by Iron Maiden entitled “The Number of the Beast“. The scripture reference was listed within the written lyrics with the album. Steve grabbed a bible and read Revelation 13 about the prophesied mark of the beast. Then, he read the entire book of Revelation. It was the book of the bible he ever read.

More than a decade later, those seeds bore fruit and his life took a dramatic turn on Tuesday, March 11, 1997 around 3:45 pm when he surrendered his life to Jesus Messiah. The first biblical book he read after his conversion was the book of Revelation, which eventually led to an interest in the book of Daniel.

He survived a terrible car accident on October 25, 2002. When swerving to miss a deer, he lost control of the car and hit a tree stump off the side of the road. The car, which included three other passengers, flipped over 1 1/2 times leaving Steve dangling by a seat belt unconscious with a hairline fracture on the second vertebrae of his neck, a collapsed lung, a couple of seizures, and left in a coma for two days. However, God preserved everyone through it all.

crash1   crash2   Neckbrace

Nobody else was seriously hurt and Steve completely recovered in a few months thanks to an amazing prayer chain that developed quickly as news of the accident spread. Within 24 hours, it stretched from coast to coast in America, then to England, into Europe, and all the way to China.

Mike Siegel - Radio Talk Show Host

Mike Siegel – Talk Show Host

He moved to Washington state in September 2007  to serve with a missions organization, World Ministries International. The organization works with both church and political leaders.

His spiritual gift is teaching. He has special interests in bible prophecy and politics. He is a conservative, bible-believing, born-again Christian.

David Barton - Wallbuilders

David Barton – Wallbuilders

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